Heavenly Hugs Bears

The FAQ's about the BEARS
Q. What is a memory bear?
A. A memory bear is a teddy bear made in memory of a lost loved one.

Q. What are they made from?
A. The bears are made from blankets that once belonged to infants that are no longer with us or from clothing that belonged to our loved ones that have passed away. Bears can be made from almost any material as long as it is not too thin or too stretchy. You have to think, would I want to cuddle this material and how would it look stuffed with fluff?

Q. How much material does it take?
A. When making a bear from receiving blankets it takes two. If using a larger crib blanket it takes only one. If using infant clothes you need at least 8 outfits and if the baby was tiny or has only summer clothes you need 10-12. When using adult clothing one large shirt is generally enough material but if you want the bear to have multiple colors you should send two or send a shirt and pants. If you do not have any material or not enough you may purchase a yard or fabric and send it. Just choose something that reminds you of your ~Angel~

Q. How much does it cost?
A. I make the bears out of the kindness of my heart. I only require that you pay postage which in the US is $10 per bear. Canada $20. Australia $35 England $35. Other countries need to contact me for information on shipping. These amounts are all in US dollars. If you wish to send more than the required amount it is greatly appreciated to help pay for stuffing, thread, needles, machine maintenance and my time. I have received anywhere from $10-$400 for a bear so you know what you can afford.

Q. How long does it take to have a bear made?
A. It takes me about 6 weeks at this point. I use to be much faster but I am working full time as well as being a military wife and mother of 2. I make bears when I have a spare moment and appreciate patience while you are waiting. I can sometimes finish bears faster than 6 weeks but it all depends on how busy I am and how many are ahead of yours.

Q. Do they have to be in memory of a lost loved one?
A. No, I have also started making Mommy/Daddy Bears for military children to have when their parent is deployed. Uniform tops work well for these bears.

Q. Can I have a photo on my bear?
A. Yes, you will need to e-mail it to me and add $5 since these require me purchasing special iron on paper and using lots of ink. If you cannot afford the $5 e-mail me and we will work something out. I am not in this for the money, I just can't afford to cover all the costs myself.

Q. How large are the bears?
A. The bears size will vary depending on what material is used to make the bear. They average from 19-23 inches tall.

Q. How can I get a bear?
A. I am not taking any new requests at this time. I am sorry if you need/want a bear but I have to ask that you wait for some time. My life is crazy busy as a military wife and mother as well as working full time. I anticipate starting again in a year after we are moved and settled in to our new place (where ever that may be) I will be finishing the requests I have now but all others will be asked to contact me at a later time. Thanks for your understanding.

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